Client Love

“From invisible to SECOND on Google search! Isn’t it awesome? I wouldn’t have done it without the Techy Girl’s Roadmap. I now know what funnels mean (other than the obvious meaning), trip wire (I’ve just launched my first one!) And I even managed to set up a pay pal button! Imagine that! Me, an ordinary writer! This is all because of Techy Girl’s patience in teaching me all the techy stuff, and her guidance in helping me to create a schedule that I can keep up with, without feeling overwhelmed, or having blogger’s burnout.”

Stephanie your website review has helped me so much! I am a complete technophobe and very much a beginner in the blogging game, but your advice was clear and easy to understand. I would still be stumbling around with some big glaring issues on my blog only for your expert guidance. A big thank you from me!

I am so happy I took this course! I was stuck and not sure how to move forward but Stephanie was extremely encouraging. Her instructions were very simple and clear. I like how the course is broken down into smaller steps so that I never felt overwhelmed. This course gave me a strong foundation and the confidence and knowledge to keep moving forward! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to start a blog or online business but is new to creating websites and blogging.