Running a website or online business can be overwhelming!

I work with entrepreneurs and bloggers who run a website from home and who struggle with keeping up with new digital marketing strategies. I provide easy access to templates and plans that work so you understand the why and how of digital marketing strategies.  What makes me different is I explain the tech side of digital marketing and because of this my clients get better results and understanding of what they are doing.

I want to help others run a business from home like I do so they can take care of their families, not miss the precious moments in life, and pass their knowledge on to others who need to get away from the 9-5. I have been offering and selling digital marketing strategies and implementing them such as building websites, funnels, social media activities, etc for the last 6 years. I know the tech side and I can help you understand things like html, using wordpress, understanding SEO.

My business was started to support my family and needs to be done now while having kids/kids are little and I can be at home instead of out in the world with them.  This way I can help you focus on your family while growing your business and learning how to market your business online.

About Me

I left the corporate world after working for private country clubs and Donald Trump in 2010 to run a business from home so I could enjoy life, travel, and spend more time with my family.

I am a 2008 NAPW Business Woman of the Year Award Recipient, Google Certified, 2016 Classy Career Girl Award Recipient, and hold a degree in Business Administration, and a Master Certificate in Management.

I started digital marketing while working for a marketing company 6 years ago. I enjoyed my work so much I started doing it part time. In 2014, I made the big plunge and went full time. Now I have a career I enjoy working from home.


I want to be known for teaching the tech.  I want people to know what a tweet is and how social media planning is important not just how to do it. Digital marketing is an adventure and shouldn’t be thought of as school or a daunting task.  It should something you look forward to everyday.  Expanding your business on your own (with the help of a VA maybe) through digital marketing.  And understanding what you are doing.  Not just handing tasks off to people because a coach tells you you need a sales funnel.


Our mission is to help 200 families work from home and learn the technical side of digital marketing.  EGM creates easy to understand digital marketing courses and learning guides that explain the tech for people to work from home and grow their business so they can spend more time with their families and live their lives.  To accomplish this goal, we will never make you feel silly for asking questions.  EGM will:

  • help you understand all the lingo of digital marketing
  • help you understand how to create all your digital marketing materials including websites, funnels, social media campaigns, etc.
  • help you learn to tweek things to continue to grow your digital marketing adventure


EGM’s purpose is to help women and men work from home and have more time to focus on their families.  Our Goals are:

  • Building our membership to 2000 members
  • Create the Marcus system to make working from home easier
  • Create books and courses to help people learn the tech side of digital marketing

Our Beliefs

We believe in teaching through doing.  Watch one, do one, teach one (courtesy of Grey’s Anatomy).  We support female entrepreneurs, families and the idea that life is precious.  More time should be spent having meals and family nights then sitting in an office alone.  It’s important to teach your children by being there.  It’s important to travel the world and experience life instead of dreaming about it because you don’t have enough vacation days.

I work to support my family. When I hire someone, I look for someone who is like me.  Someone with a family or starting a family looking to support them by working from home

Our Values

  • We believe learning is a process
  • We believe family comes first
  • We believe most of your time should be spent with family
  • We believe in working in pjs
  • We believe many things can be accomplished in a day
  • We believe life is more then work

We’re tired of hearing the idea that you need to do everything yesterday!  And follow this cookie cutter template and you will get 500% increase on everything. Stop worrying about what others are doing.  Use that as a model to learn off. Teach yourself and come up with some great strategies.  Yes the numbers are important but so is the experience you are getting from doing the activities.  And stop trying to get others to do things when you can do them yourself.

Next Step:

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