EGM 2.0

It’s time to get back to work. I had an incredible summer and don’t get me wrong we spent so much time in Beach, the kids were here, it was so much fun. I chopped off all my hair! I know it’s crazy. It hasn’t been this short since I was probably 10 years old but a lot of amazing things happen in the summer. We had the craziest heatwave here in Europe.  I don’t know you guys are here in Europe or in Italy but it got up to over 50 degrees Celsius and that’s what like a hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit it was crazy.
I have never been in that kind of heat before. There was only one thing to do and that was go to the beach. If you weren’t in water there was no surviving. And of course there was the eclipse!
So it was a really, really great summer and for me it was kind of a summer of finishing. So it was kind of like ending one chapter in my life and beginning another one. So you are here most likely because you want to learn about WordPress or websites or building a freelance business. And that’s great and I’m going to continue to help you doing all that but I want to expand a little bit. I’m going to be doing that by showing you what happens once you do have your website and once you are getting traffic. Once you do have clients and assistants set up and a VA that’s helping you. What happens when you get to that point is you almost get to a kind of standstill I guess you would call it your business.
You just kind of flatlined basically so you’ve been on this upwards hill and then all of a sudden you kind
hit a plateau. You can see this next point that you want to get to but for some reason whatever you do you just can not get over there. That’s what happens when you get stuck. So that’s the next part that I want to be helping you with. How to unfreeze your business (it’s a little teaser in there for you). And also once you do unfreeze your business how to kind of find your way (another little teaser for you) through
all this craziness and continue on.
It’s not only helped me to make that little jump and get yourself up there but what to do once you do get there. My business has just exploded and absolutely in so many wonderful ways in the last year and it’s good things and there’s been some crazy things and some scary things. But it’s been so wonderful and it’s taught me so much I want to share that knowledge on to you. So that means that you’re still gonna get the great info about WordPress and all that techie stuff because that stuff never goes away. No matter which point you’re at all that stuff is still going to keep growing anyway.
So a lot of good information there. I’m also going to be hinting very very soon about some exciting things. Well I’ll say that a little teaser for you but there’s some really really exciting things coming out for you the end of September October and December. There’s going to be some incredibly big announcements so make sure you keep an eye out because there’s a few changes around here!

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