Four Phases of An Online Business

If you’re anything like me, you got the idea to start your online business on whim. You got a crazy idea, started studying everything you could, built a website and got it out there. If only the saying build it and they will come were true. Here are my four stages of building your online business.

Phase 1: Build Your Website

This is probably the easiest phase. Sorry to be the one to tell you. Thanks to WordPress you can easily DIY your website. Get my WordPress Guide if you need help with this. Really what you need to do here is get focused on what you want to offer. I don’t mean exact packages but generally, what do you want to help with. What are you interested in? For me it was marketing. It started as helping create business systems in general actually. But once I started to focus on marketing systems, I found the place where I shined the most. It was that topic that most interested me so I started going with it. It’s only now, almost 10 years later, that I have gotten even more lazer focused on being a WordPress and digital marketing expert.

Phase 2: Get Clients/Customers

This may actually be the longest phase. This is where you make a million mistakes with clients and learning what work you want to do and how you want to do it. This is where you create your email templates and proposal templates and create a standard operating procedures type of manual. You probably will need to hire yourself a VA at this point as well if not more staff to keep things going. Its the fun stage and it’s the frustrating stage. This stage honestly took me a few years but it was totally worth the learning experience. You can check out my Free Freelancing Guide for help in this stage.

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Phase 3: Remove Your Blocks

For me, removing my blocks was all about journaling. But it was knowing what to journal about that I needed help with. I woke up one day and saw my business wasn’t moving forward. Neither was I. I could physically feel that something was blocking me. There was something inside me that needed to get out. And if it didn’t get out, I couldn’t move forward. If you are here and need help I highly recommend working with Shelsey in Woo Crew. You can use my coupon code STEPHLATORRE to try Woo Crew for just $1!

Phase 4: Create an Amazing Mindset Practice

This is creating your toolbox. This is meditating, EFT, journalling, moon phases, crystals, cards, whatever works for you. But you need to figure out what to put in your tool box. In my toolbox I meditate daily first thing in the morning. It sets me up for a perfect day everyday. Next I have EFT for when I’m feeling crappy. It helps me figure out why I’m really upset. BTW it’s never what I think it is. I also write in my journal everyday. I need to. It’s like having a daily therapy session. It also makes sure those blocks don’t find their way back. Other things I use include cycle dieting, moon journaling, and a self care routine that will would make your head spin!

Now I want to know, what phase are you in and how are you getting through it?


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