Does your website work for you or do you work for your website?

Let’s make your website your very own personal in-store sales associate who is working for you non-stop! Get the Ultimate Website Bundle and learn how to become the master of your website today!

Get the Ultimate Website Bundle And

Turn Your Website Into Your Best Employee Ever

Here's what you get!

  • 4 video lessons
  • 1 workshop how to do things
  • Website assessment
  • Website planning workbook
  • Website blueprint
  • website boss routine
  • trello board
  • WordPress guide
  • SEO checklist

Here's what you learn!

  • How powerful can a website really be - an assessment for how powerful your website is right now
  • Creating your website plan - we're going to map out a start to finish plan for YOUR website, not someone else's.
  • The website blueprint - an easy to follow roadmap of making your website amazing
  • Let's not waste time - an exact schedule you can follow to maximize your website's potential in just a few hours a week.
  • Tutorials to set up mailchimp, acuity for calender appointments, taking payments with woocommerce, how to create ebooks, and how to create a course or membership with recurring payments.

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The Ultimate Website Bundle has helped so many entrepreneurs get control of their website and turn it into their best employee ever! Don’t miss out! This bundle is worth over $250 but you can get it all today for just $27!!!

Let's Meet

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’ve been building WordPress websites since they revolutionized how we create beautiful, functional, affordable websites. I started building websites back in the day when we had to hand write the code!!!! WordPress is much easier. Web design started as a hobby of mine and in 2010 I turned it into my passion and full-time business. When I work on a website, it’s because I love working on websites. I teach people how to use their websites and make them beautiful and functional through my courses and online sessions.

I help people create websites that work for them! I work with entrepreneurs, coaches, and bloggers who are frustrated by technology by teaching the tech and making it easy. I believe creating a website should be easy, affordable and hassle-free. I believe your website should work for you. Every website has a purpose. I want to help you find and develop that purpose. Your website should be beautiful. It should be a reflection of your most beautiful self.

Get Your Ultimate Website Bundle Today

Join this Ultimate Website Bundle and I’ll be sharing my screen to show you how to do things like hook up your opt in to your website and create a calendar for people to schedule appointments and how to take payments with your website.