Google Analytics for Beginners

I use Google analytics for all of my clients and not even to the extent that I should be. Google analytics is the most reliable tracker to know who is going to your sites. The first thing I do for my clients is install this program. It has so many benefits besides just tracking who came to your site.

Setting Up Your Site

First you want to make sure it is set up properly.  If you are using wordpress there are plenty of plugins that can help you put the code in without any fuss.  Next you want to make sure you connect it to your Google Webmaster and your Google Adsense account.  This will help you get more accurate information as well.


Demographics is one of my favorite features of Google analytics. It tells me the type of person who is coming to my site. For example, one of my clients has a family related blog. Despite my many attempts to include male related content (post about new fathers, etc), 86% of my readership is female. As a result, my content tends to be related mostly to women. But that is my target audience so I must be doing something right.

Bounce Rate

It also tells me my bounce rate. Bounce rate is how quickly someone leaves your site and how many pages are they viewing. So, for example, if my homepage is supposed to draw them further into my site and my bounce rate is very high, my homepage needs some work. If people are leaving rather than seeking more information (which is my main goal), it’s time to re-do things.

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There are so many features I could go over, but the last one I will touch on is the referrals. When marketing a site, this is one of the most important features. If you are marketing your site on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, you will need to know if what you are posting is working. This is the same for newsletters, backlinking (which is more SEO), opt-in pages, etc. The referrals section will tell you where your web traffic is coming from.


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