How To Send A Newsletter

If you are using an opt in to have people sign up to your list, you should make sure you are staying in touch with them. Besides an autoresponder series, sending a weekly newsletter is a great way to let them know what you are up to. Each week you can send them your new offers, specials, events, new products, new blog posts, new podcasts, new whatever you’ve got.

Step 1 Click Create Campaign


Step 2 Select your list


Step 3 Name your campaign and add your subject. You can also edit other information like sending name here.


Step 4 Select your template. You can create your own or choose a pre-existing template


Step 5 Click each section in the editor to change the content. You can also add additional elements as you wish.

Step 6 You can change things like fonts and background images in the design section.

Step 7 Always remember to send a test email before you send to your list to check the links and make sure it looks ok in your inbox.

Step 8 Schedule your newsletter to go out at another time or you can send it right away. If there is a problem, you will need to resolve it before you can send.


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