How to start your website for $7

There is no excuse for not starting your website. It’s so easy to set up and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here is how to set up your website in just a few hours spending only $7.


Get your hosting

Arvixe offers a monthly hosting plan for $7 and they give you a free domain name for life. You want the Personal Class Plan. You don’t need any of the extras. Just the regular old hosting plan. Note this is not an affiliate link so I’m not making money here. I’m just passing on good information.


Install WordPress

Once you’ve bought your hosting, you can install wordpress in just a couple clicks. Login to your new hosting account and use the search bar to find WordPress. Click install and select your new web address (called domain name). Put in a username and password that is not admin and an easy password. Just click install and you will be sent to the login page.


Set up wordpress

To login into your website, just add /wp-login.php to the end of your website link. There you can enter your username and password. You can install a new theme in the appearance section. There are thousands of themes to choose from. Take your pick of which one has the look and feel of what you need. You can edit the settings by customizing it or there may be other theme options. Any theme will have a simple set up guide you can follow.


Make your website work

Next you will need to install your plugins. These make your website work. Again they all have instructions and a simple youtube search will always get you to an instructional video. Two plugins that are a requirement on any site are WordFence (makes your site secure) and Yoast (makes your seo easy).

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If you want a shop, install woocomerce.

If you want a membership site, install WP simple membership.


If you want a podcast, install simple podcast.

If you need anything else, comment below and I’ll get you to the free plugin option.


And that’s it! With $7 you just set up your website. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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