It’s A Challenge!!!

I’m sure you’ve seen everyone doing challenges lately. A 30 day yoga challenge or a 10 day mind clarity challenge. Personally I love challenges. It’s bit sized info with an easy to follow schedule. Recently I’ve done Denise Dunffield’s challenge, the She Means Business Book 28 Day Challenge, Left Brained Hippy’s challenge and so many more I don’t even know where to begin. This month I have some fun challenges coming up as well.

This Chic Writes

This Chic Writes is a 5 day challenge and more. The five day challenge part is to help aspiring authors map out their novel and get it written. After the five day challenge we are committing to writing 800 ish words a day for two months. Sounds like a lot, but hey I already write more then 300 words everyday here on the blog so I think I can get it done!

Stu McLaren Free Tribe Workshop

If you don’t know of Stu McLaren, go check him out. He’s the mentor to most of my mentors. He’s got an amazing course and he’s offering a free Tribe Workshop that is going to be soooo much fun. If you are even thinking of doing a course or membership site, he’s the guy you want to be following. He’s helped amazing people like Anna Runyan of Classy Career Girl and Carrie Green of Female Entrepreneur Association.

Ultimate Blog Challenge

This month I am also taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. (In my head I hear dunh dunh duuuuunnnhhhh). Granted I already do a blog post 5 – 6 times per week. However this is going to be 7 days a week. All me. Crazy!!!  But I am doing it. Every day this month I will make sure I post a blog post not only for myself but also to show my clients and followers it can be done!

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Love Your Website Challenge

Ok. This one is my challange. Ha! I ran it last month and we had soooo much fun that we are doing it again! The challenge starts on April 6th. So many people don’t realize that getting your website built is only the beginning. Your website needs to be maintained just like your house does. Every week you should be in there and updating things and making sure things work.

Think of this as Spring Cleaning for your website. The Love Your Website Challenge is a great way to make sure your website has everything it needs and that everything is in the right place. Plus I will explain all those crazy techy terms you’ve been hearing around the internet.

As a bonus, you will be entered for a chance to win either a free session with yours truly ($25 value) or a 1 year membership into the Techy Girl Library, your one stop resource for Techy Support for your blog or website ($480 value).

Sign up for the challenge today!

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