Making the Most Of Social Media

Social media is one of my favorite parts of digital marketing. That’s where I get to interact with my people. That’s where we chat and hang out. It’s like our little central perk! I cannot tell you how many incredible people I have met on social media in my business.

Use the groups

Facebook groups are a key part of my business. I’m in them everyday all day long talking to people. I tell them about the awesome things I’m doing and I get to see what amazing things they are doing. Plus I get learn new things. Literally everyday I see a new resource or site or something that helps me.

Support each other

One of the things I love seeing on social media is people doing well. And when they are doing well, I want to celebrate with them. Maybe it’s a like. Maybe it’s a congratulations comment. Maybe I even share it with my people. The idea is to be supporting others and they will in turn support you.

Don’t be selfish

This is a biggy. You are not on social media only to tell people to buy your products. That is a huge no-no in the social media world. You are there to be SOCIAL and NETWORK. If you’ve followed me or my blog for awhile now you have heard this before. And you will hear it again. You must be social on social media. You need to be interacting with people like you would at a networking event. You need to be genuinely interested in what they are doing and sharing and show that. People can spot fake. So please, don’t post a million times a day that you are selling t-shirts about kittens. Just a couple times a day is good!

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