Online Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents

Online marketing for real estate agents is a bit different than it is for a regular blog or website. You’re selling a person’s home or helping them buy a new one. That’s a very personal thing to be doing. You can help people with your website not only find a home but also get to know you a bit. Here are some tips for online marketing for real estate agents.

  1. 80% of all home buyers are searching online
  2. Gen. Y accounts for 68% of all first time home buyers
  3. 83% of all home buyers want to see pictures of the property online
  4. 52% of all home buyers used an iPhone in their home search
  5. Agents expect 49% of their leads will come from referrals in 2016
  6. 91% of realtors use social media to some extent
  7. 73% of all buyers say they would use their agent again or recommend them to a friend
  8. Only 9% of realtors use social media to market their listings
  9. 42% of buyers’ first step was looking online for a home
  10. 88% of first time buyers are buying homes through an agent
  11. 33% of first time buyers are first researching online
  12. 31% of millennials looking to buy a home want to buy within 2 years
  13. It will be 35% cheaper to buy than rent in 2016 in America

Podcast 13 Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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