Lead Magnet Tripwire Core Offer Explained


How is your tripwire converting?  Did you do an A/B split test?  Are you developing your core products? Are your landing pages converting?  What did I just say?  Does any of it make sense?  Don’t worry.  I know its sounding a bit like another language but that’s mostly because it kind of is.  So, here I will break down the lingo of funnels for you.

The Lingo

Lead Magnet – an offering of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information where they are rewarded immediately. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of targeted leads you are getting so you can followup with a well timed

Trip Wire –  offer that is meant to convert them from a lead to a customer, even if it’s only for a little money. For those prospects that convert in the Tripwire stage you will ultimately lead them to your Core Offer.

Core Offer – your big offer.  This is where you want people to get to.  This is your big product.

How it works

So how does this all work.  You offer a lead magnet of let’s say a free ebook.  10 tips to make you more productive today!  It’s something that your ideal client would be interested in.  Next you offer them a little product.  Let’s say a tool kit for $5 that includes videos and templates they can use.  It’s not a big investment so if they were happy with your free offer they might be willing to spend a little on something more.  Next you have your core offer.  This is really where they need to be with you.  This is your big service that you offer or your big product they can purchase.  It may be a membership package or a consulting package or a kit that is mailed to them.  Whatever it is – this is where you want them.

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Why Does It Work?

Sales funnels are soooo important for any business. When you have an online business, your sales funnel is a bit different. Basically you start with a free offer. That is your free e-book or guide that you give in exchange for their email address.
Next you want to offer them something small. This should always be inline with your pricing. So maybe a bundle package of 10% of your main pricing.
This leads to your core offer. Once you have seen that they have an interest in you (from your initial free offer) and that they trust you enough to make a purchase (your little offer) then you can give them your real offer. You know, the main product that you want to give them.
What you are doing here is establishing trust. Traditional marketing courses at any university will tell you need to get in front of your potential customers at least 5 – 7 times before they will commit to a purchase. That can be in the form of your website, your social media channels, videos, emails, etc. The idea is to let them get to know your brand.

Where it came from

Ever hear of Ryan Deiss?  Or Digital Marketer?  He has a great program to learn more.  Check it out Here

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