How to Use Power Editor For Facebook Ads

I had a long love hate relationship with Facebook Ads. When my ads were successful, I wasn’t getting the right type of people. When my ads didn’t do anything, I blamed Facebook. Same thing when it said I had a ton of traffic but in fact I had about half the traffic it said I did. Today, I have to apologize to Facebook. Apparently I was using it all wrong. Here are some little tips and tricks I did to make my Facebook Ads AMAZING!

Figure out the Pixels

I’m the techy girl and this even took me a minute. The Facebook Pixel Plugin for WordPress helped a lot to get the pixel installed. Then I used the Chrome extension for Facebook Pixels to verify it was installed.

Use the Audience Insights to Guide You

Start with a location. Don’t go worldwide. And do not use multiple countries. Next pick two of the big interests that you are looking for. Then click on the page likes to get the info you need to build your audience.

Get Your Audience Between 500k and 1 million

This was tricky for me. Again I went with 1 country and then used the info I had from the audience insights to help me. What really got my numbers down was using the And Must Also Match option. Think of the one big interest that you are really looking for and use that as a requirement. Basically I added all the interests I got from the audience insights and then used my super interest as my must match option. If you still can’t get the audience size down below 1 million, try playing around with the age range. Your ads need to be specific in order to make them work. Remember, you can always make different ads for other audiences.

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Create your Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ads

This is what will make your ad go live. I started with a small budget of $5 a day to test my findings. Now that I know they are great for me, I can keep using them and start to expand. I started with just one country but there are certainly other countries I would like to reach out to. Now I can go and create a new set up for those countries.

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5 thoughts on “How to Use Power Editor For Facebook Ads”

  • Omg thank you soooo much for this….ive been struggling with Facebook ads forever….can wait to test these out!!!

  • This is brilliant! I’ve tried a few Facebook ads, but haven’t been lucky. A waste of money. I’ll try it again, and will let you know in the “Love your Website” challenge group! 🙂

    Thanks for this!
    Dani x

  • Now I know why my adds never do great! I tend to fill as much things as I can in all the options thinking that I’m reaching a bigger audience! Oh oh! Thanks, Steph for the tips! I’ll keep them for my next add! 💜

  • Thanks for this. I set up a new ad today (it’s only running for 48 hours) and I used Power Editor to do it. I made a five or six pic video, too.
    I have a static adverts running for the same event. It will be interested to see which gets the best response.
    Power Editor needs to be mastered. That’s for sure, otherwise you are just throwing money away.

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