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Welcome to our very first Women with Websites feature!!! Everyday I work with so many different women who have websites about fine living, to coaching, to health, to gardening, to you name it! Today we are meeting with the wonderful and amazing Elizabeth Harrison of the Lazy Organizer. Find out all about her website and what she does below!


What is your name?

Elizabeth Harrison


Write a short bio about yourself

My name is Elizabeth Alma Potier Harrison . I grew up in Portugal and then came to the US for university. After university, I moved to Florida, where I have been ever since. I am a certified project manager and worked for Banknof America and Cisco Systems before branching out on my own and launching an organizing business.


Add a link to your website



What is your website about?

Organizing tips and recommendations.

Who does your website help?

People who want to simplify their life and enjoy living their life!


Why did you start your website?

I wanted to bring awareness to people that are not naturally organized that they can be organized and simplify their lives without having to be “perfect”.


What was the hardest part about starting your website?

Getting started! I went through the Techy Girl’s New Website program to get everything set up! It was super easy! Plus I learned how to use the site while we were setting it up.


What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a website?

Just do it, don’t worry about it being perfect and do t wait for it to be ready – just move forward!

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